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Friday, October 7, 2011

Steve Jobs Passing: A sad day for The World

Image from Apple Inc. Site
It is with great sadness that I write this blog to the reaction of the passing of the technology Guru Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs and Mac, an icon of Apple Inc. and the World at large, has time and again surprise the entire world by the type of dynamic products that have continued to flow from Apple Inc. to the market. Are we going to see the same kind of products again or this is the end of high end computer technology?
Surely, the passing of Steve is a beating that doesn't have any soothing remedy. When I first new about Macintosh computers and I first shown away from them. This is when I joined the University of Northern Iowa College of Education as a graduate student. I did not have a choice but to learn how to use a mac and within a few minute I was using the much. I instantly fell in love with them. Regular desktop mac have a beauty that no other computer can ever come close to beat. At the same time, they are virus proof and their ragged nature ensures longevity.

They are are nevertheless very appealing to the eyes. At the same time they are soft to the eyes and tantalizing to the touch of a finger and the rest of the body. It is the saddest day to not only Apple Product lovers, including institutions of higher learning like UNI, but also to many elementary and High schools across the world. 

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